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A Perfect Circle Community's Journal

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2nd April 2009

andreaknoll10:22am: MJK Talks Puscifer and Josh Freese Talks APC
Maynard James Keenan talks about wine and his upcoming Puscifer shows HERE.

And Josh Freese talks about his new album, his bizarre marketing plan for it, and the possibility of new A Perfect Circle shows HERE.

4th October 2008

jonico2:38am: Hey all!
I don't know if I'm allowed to be doing this...if not, my apologies...remove my post.

I am new to this community and looking to make some new friends. Tool and APC fans in particular (obviously.)

If you're keen, feel free to add me. Guys and girls, any age, skin colour, sexual orientation...it's all good here.

Cheeeeers :)
Current Mood: hopeful

29th September 2008

vxadamataxiaxv4:09pm: For Maynard's Other Band

I have some older shirts for sale. If I wasn't moving to a foreign country next month and the current economy didn't suck so much I would never sell these. Oh well.

3rd September 2008

honeymode3:13pm: APC Cds for SALE

If I'm not allowed to post this I'll take it down. Please let me know!

I am selling Mer de Noms  and Thireeth step for 7.5 shipped (if in the USA more if outside) if you want them both I'll ship for 14 total. Great condit. Mer de Noms played, but good and Thireeth step barely even played. I take paypal (you will need to pay fees which is like 60 cents or some such), concealed cash or MPO. I have pictures of them in a row of what else I'm selling Tori Amos and other goods. Let me know if you want to see pictures.

let me know if your interested


17th July 2008

euphonious_glow2:13pm: Support one of APC's musicians
The guitarist/composer of APC, Billy Howerdel, has a new band called Ashes Divide. Their first CD, Keep Telling Myself It's Alright, has been out for a few months. Billy played all the instruments except drums and his vocals are really impressive. It's somewhat like APC but also quite different, so keep an open mind and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Billy strikes me as someone who is really passionate about the music he makes, and you can definitely hear it in his lyrics and vocal performance. There's also a video out for the first single, The Stone, which definitely makes you think.

Ashes Divide is touring with Linkin Park, among other bands, at this summer's Projekt Revolution Tour. Click the banner below if you want to support them too:

30th April 2008

mickey_042:12am: Ashes Divide - Keep Telling Myself It's All Right
I think most of us know about it, but... It is Billy Howerdel's new project's album. Here is the playlist:

01. Stripped Away 3:43
02. Denial Awaits 3:36
03. Too Late 3:59
04. Forever Can Be 4:49
05. Defamed 3:39
06. Enemies 3:19
07. A Wish 2:53
08. Ritual 3:56
09. The Stone 3:49
10. The Prey 4:27
11. Sword 6:29

Billy Howerdel − guitars, vocals, keyboard, bass
Josh Freese – drums
Devo Keenan– cello (Maynard's son:))
+ Johnette Napolitano, Matt Skiba, Paz Lenchantin
Mixed by Alan Moulder
Produced by Billy Howerdel & Danny Lohner

I think it sounds like APC, but a little bit worse.

3rd August 2007

pyro_goddess7:15pm: for those that haven't heard......V is for Vagina
Puscifer's cd will be out this October 30th!!!

Read more.
Current Mood: curious

1st December 2005

A Perfect Circle - Quiz!
Click here to take the test.

18th September 2005

kaiser_kitty4:18am: maynerd?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

-just kiddin`

15th June 2005

queen_sheila12:11pm: Does anyone know where I can find good APC or Tool wallpaper? ^^;
Current Mood: curious

5th May 2005

darkrebelstar9:09pm: Need some freakin' help..I'd appreciate it
Hey I just joined the communtity. I'm 13 going to 14. I'm a huge fan of apc/tool. I can completely relate to their songs. I just started a band, I'm the lead singer. And we need a name. We came up with a long list and out of that whole list we picked Black Venom at first but everytime I thought about it, it made me think about snakes and their damn venoms.lol. i dont know why. So then we changed it to Riot which we were all very happy with. Until we found out there were already bands like Quiet Riot with the word Riot. And now we're nameless. So if you have any good band names that don't exist, please let me know.It doesn't have to symbolize anything, just a cool band name. If it helps you out we play punk/rock. :)
Current Mood: cold

17th April 2005

neaira4:19pm: Happy Birthday to Maynard.

3rd April 2005

elenath_thilia11:54pm: would you please help me understand..
Mm.. Well Im Jess, Im fourteen. I just joined the community, huge fan of A Perfect Circle and Tool. I love Maynard James Keenan, annnd James Iha.

If you want to add me, comment here, or on my Friends Only entry, and Ill add you back.
Current Mood: depressed

6th March 2005

hieifanatic1:41am: Hello everyone. n.n
Um, yeah, well I just now joined this community. I figured it was about time I joined something. >.>...Anyways...I am 15 years old, and I really love APC. They are my favorite band, and I think they're a unique and thought-provoking band, with powerful music. And I admire Maynard...for many reasons. His voice is so soothing and soft...ooh, I could go on. xD But I'm not. My favorite song of APC's is "Pet", but I am also in love with "Orestes", "The Noose", and "3 Libras". n.n

Anyways...I just wanted to confirm that I am here. ^^
Current Mood: Whee. *stays up late*

21st February 2005

senorita_salsa312:25pm: So, Constantine recently came into theaters, starring Keanu Reeves.

It features "Passive" by our one and only.

A Perfect Circle has absolutely no other influence in that movie other than that one song.

But...the movie is pretty damn good. Or at least I enjoyed it.

4th February 2005

neaira8:50pm: Everyone must watch this trailer... Sleeping Dogs Lie starring Brad Wilk (RATM), Ed Asner... and.... MJK


X-posted because I'm cool.

24th January 2005

brio_elan3:23pm: Hey, Can anyone find me pictures of Maynard with this contraption on his face? It's dier important. I ecspecially enjoy the view from the front [theyr on my icon but I cannot find larger versions ANYWHERE!!!] This will make me happier than you could ever imagine so if you would like to make Kaileens life fully complete, than pleaseee do this. PS IT IS NOT ON GOOGLE, AHHH!!!.

-Kai =]

7th December 2004

a_little_devil7:22pm: Avatars
Does anyone know of a good website that gives away free A Perfect circle or tool avatars?

3rd November 2004

missmaladie11:25am: "Word on the streets is that if A Perfect Circle were to have played the Tonight Show (or if they reschedule the appearance), that Paz would be there to play bass. Apparently Jeordie is busy with a few projects, the latest being new Nine Inch Nails. This photo taken last night was just posted on nin.com showing Jeordie in the studio with Trent and pals. Since the new NIN album is in the mixing stage, we assume Jeordie's role shall be in the new live band. Also on Jeordie's plate is a collaboration with Chris Goss which, as basetendencies.com reports, has seen much progress over the last month or so.
Some of you are beginning to ask if Jeordie is out and Paz is back in. The answer is... Probably not. Paz has just as much going on as Jeordie actually, working with RTX as well as Jarboe. Speaking of that, Paz will be playing with Jarboe at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on November 6th, as simplypaz.com reports.
So who is APC's bassist? While it seems that Danny Lohner played a lot of bass on eMOTIVe, that's probably just because he happened to be around. This is too much of an in-between time to lock down an official current band lineup. Anything is possible, including no change at all."


21st October 2004

icepunk611:38am: eMOTIve.... GREAT CD!!!!!
I've been listening to it on repeat for about the last hour or so..... this cd is wonderful, couldnt be happier with it and will continue to listen to it

17th October 2004

neaira12:12pm: I'm listening to Radio Wazee on my iTunes radio tuner and they just played APC's "Imagine".

Very cool.
Current Mood: pleased

13th October 2004

hefferanne3:28am: Also, to add to the excitement of news on the new song, "Passive," just thought I'd share that the offical site has been updated with new political artwork and detailed info on each of the new releases.
Current Mood: energetic
missmaladie12:21am: [10.11.04]

A Perfect Circle have revealed details on the song "Passive" from their upcoming release, eMOTIVE, due in stores November 2nd.

The song is actually a reworked version of the Tapeworm song "Vacant", which the group played live on many of the shows of their 2001 tour.

Tapeworm was the project that featured Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails), Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Maynard James Keenan (Tool/A Perfect Circle) and a host of other rumored guests. The project grounded to a halt earlier this year as it was unable to overcome legal hurdles.

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